6 simple ways to maintain a healthy lawn


Do you ever look out over your lawn and think it looks a little sad? Maybe a little patchy in places, or a little dry?

We know how you feel and that’s why we’re sharing some tips and tricks that will not only revive your patchy lawn but help keep it healthy year after year.

Aerate: According to Cambridge’s Dictionary, aeration refers to “a process that allows air to act on something”. Doing this will allow the soil to absorb water which in turn means that your grass will be healthier and more resistant to possible drought. When you aerate your lawn you’re creating little holes all over it so that water can soak in more easily. This also allows air to reach the roots of your grass allowing access to oxygen.

Feed: Grass needs food. Experts recommend that you give your lawn some fertilizer during spring and autumn, but it’s also a good idea to feed your grass in the middle of the summer. Look out for a complete fertiliser that can be diluted in a watering can. Taking time to do this will help keep your lawn looking great.

Nip: Nip those weeks, especially dandelions as they will try and dominate the grass. They also scatter their seeds which will, in turn, allow them to grow again and again! They don’t say ‘nip it in the bud’ for nothing you know!

Cut: The guidance is once a week in Summer. Giving your lawn a regular haircut will encourage the roots to spread. This may also help fill in any patchy areas.

Water: There is lots of advice out there on this subject but we’re going to keep it simple as every lawn is different! For an established lawn, we use 10-14 days as a guide. It also depends on the weather. Here in the UK, there is no guarantee of a long hot summer, in fact, we have had years with the wettest summer months on record! Even if it has rained a lot, this doesn’t always mean the grass has had a good enough drink so it’s important to check this. A simple tip is to insert a small screwdriver into the ground. If you can do this fairly easily, you know the soil is damp enough.

When to water: The best time to water is when the sun goes down. This will stop the water from evaporating and the grass will benefit most at this time of day. what If you’re away on holiday? no problem! We recommend using our Edge Plus 1 digital timer that can be programmed to keep your lawn well hydrated even when you’re not there! No more relying on your next-door neighbour to keep an eye on your garden and you’ll be saving come home to a garden that’s looking fresh and thriving…

Do you have any other tried or tested methods you’d like to share with us? We would love to hear them.

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